İçerik Tablosu gizle Healwide Clinic Tedaviler Healwide Clinic Hizmetleri Healwide Clinic Fiyatları Healwide Clinic Yorumları Healwide Clinic Konumu  Healwide Clinic Tedaviler Healwide Clinic dünya çapında hastalara hizmet veren önde gelen bir sağlık kuruluşudur ve çeşitli tıbbi ünitelerde bir dizi tedavi sunmaktadır. İşte bu klinikte sunulan bazı tedaviler: ÜCRETSİZ FİYAT TEKLİFİ ALIN Sorumluluk Reddi Beyanı'nı Kabul Ediyorum […]"/>
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 Healwide Clinic Tedaviler

Healwide Clinic dünya çapında hastalara hizmet veren önde gelen bir sağlık kuruluşudur ve çeşitli tıbbi ünitelerde bir dizi tedavi sunmaktadır. İşte bu klinikte sunulan bazı tedaviler:

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  • Bariatrik Cerrahi: Ağırlık yönetimi ve obezite tedavisi için cerrahi seçenekler.
  • Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı: Diş tedavileri, ağız sağlığı kontrolü ve estetik diş hizmetleri.
  • Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi: Estetik ameliyatlar, plastik cerrahi prosedürleri ve rekonstrüktif cerrahi.

Healwide Clinic Hizmetleri

Klinik uzman doktorlar ve profesyonel sağlık personeli ile kaliteli hizmet sunmaktadır. İşte bu klinikte sunulan hizmetlerden bazıları:

  • Profesyonel Ekip: Her hekim kendi alanında uzmanlaşmış ve önemli tıbbi başarılar elde etmiştir.
  • Multidisipliner Yaklaşım: Sağlık durumlarına göre farklı tıbbi birimlerin bir araya geldiği bir yaklaşım.
  • Hasta Temsilcileri: Hasta temsilcileri, hastalara tedavi sürecinin her anında rehberlik eder ve bilgi ve destek sağlar.
  • Yüksek Kaliteli Malzemeler: Tedavilerde yüksek kaliteli ve güvenilir malzemeler kullanılır.

Healwide Clinic Fiyatları

Healwide Clinic fiyatları, seçilen tedavi türüne ve hastanın özel ihtiyaçlarına bağlı olarak değişebilir. Tedavi maliyetleri hakkında daha fazla bilgi için klinikle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Healwide Clinic Yorumları

Klinik hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek ve diğer hastaların deneyimlerini gözden geçirmek için Google, Trust Pilot ve benzeri hasta yorumları platformlarına göz atabilirsiniz.

Healwide Clinic
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konstantina talaiporoukonstantina talaiporou
11:33 04 May 24
Everything went great thanks to the doctor and the help from Omer and Serkan ... Th staff fro the hospital was Very helpful im really happy with everything
Joselin BrettJoselin Brett
09:28 04 May 24
Excellent care... the doctors and nurses... very kind and always available and attentive to me. Thanks to the healwide clinic for their attention since my transfer and during my stay. I honestly felt very well taken care of. Thank you so much
Beatriz FernándezBeatriz Fernández
13:35 28 Mar 24
An experience of 10, the wonderful team, the excellent surgery, the care, the facilities, nothing negative to mention, I highly recommend it, I would repeat here again without a doubt!! I am very grateful for the attention received.
Anahis FernandezAnahis Fernandez
13:33 28 Mar 24
We are very happy with the work that has been done in this clinic. The operation went excellent, the recovery has been very fast and with incredible care. The facilities are in perfect condition and the treatment of the patient and companion was 10!I would definitely return and recommend it with my eyes closed.
My experience with the Healwide clinic has been great. They have been very attentive. The translators have been there at all times. I have had a magnificent operation and a quick recovery. The medical team has been fabulous. Thanks to Healwide clinic and Dr. Vahit.
yaina clavijoyaina clavijo
14:56 23 Mar 24
I felt very good both in the surgery and in the recovery, everyone was very attentive and personalized treatment, thank you very much for everything
Nadia JackieNadia Jackie
14:40 23 Mar 24
I recently underwent bariatric surgery at Heal Wide Clinic and I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. From the moment I arrived, the level of care and attention I received was exceptional. Dr. Vahit personally attended to me five times during my stay, ensuring I was comfortable and well-informed every step of the way. Additionally, Serkan, my coordinator, and Omer, who kept in touch via WhatsApp, went above and beyond to ensure my well-being and answer any questions I had.Throughout the entire process, I was kept informed about what to expect, and true to their word, everything went smoothly according to the plan outlined to me. By day three, despite the expected soreness, I already felt a significant improvement in my condition. The other nurses were also incredibly kind and attentive, contributing to the overall positive atmosphere of the clinic.One helpful tip: for English speakers, I recommend using Google Translate at night for seamless communication with the staff.Overall, I highly recommend Heal Wide Clinic for anyone considering bariatric surgery. Their professionalism, attentiveness, and commitment to patient care truly set them apart.
Maria C C&MMaria C C&M
12:52 21 Mar 24
Since arriving at the airport, all the clinic staff have shown interest in making the stay very comfortable. The professional treatment of the assistants, as well as the doctors, has been excellent. I definitely recommend their services. Very professional. Special thanks to Sercan for their close help.
Nusmary OchoaNusmary Ochoa
08:48 15 Mar 24
It was a unique experience, satisfied with great excellent work, both from the pick-up at the airport, the stay at the clinic, the nurses and doctors, I recommend them 100%, they are wonderful.
Vanessa VargasVanessa Vargas
20:18 03 Mar 24
If I could give 5000 stars, I would!!! As other reviewers have stated the staff go out of their way to ensure all aspects of your needs are met. Gizem is the most amiable and sweet individual and was the most involved in my case. The surgeon did an AMAZING job.I am extremely pleased .... Flabbergasted with the results I'm seeing even though it's only been one week. The entire healeide staff will be with you every step of the way to address and answer to any of your health concerns, rather than just telling you what to do. They made sure you, we we were allon the same page and I felt ver VERY comfortable. They all went out of their way to care for me as a patient. I HIGHLY recommend .... And have plans to return next year with a couple of friends who would like some work done. (Btw I had a liposuction of the legs and thighs) And are impressed by what they have seen. Healwide Clinic staff picked me up from airport, payed for all analisis, payed for a 3 day hospital stay and 2 day hotel stay. 3 meals a day at hospital...breakfast included at hotel. The director of healwide Clinic also made sure to pick up my prescription at no extra charge to me. The hotel I stayed at was a 5 star hotel the room was spacious the environment was quiet. They also shuttled me back to the airport.Thank you soooo much to everyone involved in my experience. A thousand thanks to Gizem( what an angel). See you next year!!
Olivera KlimoskaOlivera Klimoska
11:30 01 Mar 24
Jas sum Trajce Klimoski i doagam od ohrid. Poradi operiranje na zeludnik. Se odluvic so klinikata HealWide. Koga stignav tamu timot bese engaged i zeme o aerodrometo i seste vo hospitala. I pocnavne talni pregledi. Koga gi izvrsivme site kontori i kajat deka moje da se operira. Posle kontrolite nakudavme za operacija. To se sulucuvase vo 1 den. After 6 hours of operation, I was free to move, I had no pain, the service was very good. Tie sekoj vreme bea so nas. Se kajame deka nie sme prezadobolni. I have organized the return to Macedonia. 😄 blagodaram na celiot tim...
10:50 29 Feb 24
fantastic reception, help at every stage. Full professionalism and real patient care. You feel safe here. I would like to thank the entire team: the doctor, medical care and my coordinator. Thank you very much and I recommend it
I hope this team continues to be like this, they are always very cordial and very very attentive from the airport with your transferEven the most professional ones and their translator Dennis is very kind and affectionate.You feel protected like at home!!!
Dana SaidDana Said
16:28 02 Feb 24
After extensive research I decided to use Healwide Clinic for their good reputation and I was not disappointed. From the initial contact with Ömer to organise my procedure, Serkan the liaison at the hospital, the fantastic doctors, the hospitality and aftercare of the nurses at the hospital. Everyone that helped with my surgery were helpful caring and considerate.I can thoroughly recommend Healwide Clinic to anyone considering bariatric surgery.
cheryl millscheryl mills
09:21 25 Jan 24
I arrived on the 21st had extensive tests, scans and checks, my operation was on the 22nd. Everything went smoothly the care I have received has been amazing throughout the whole process I have felt safe, there has been someone with me day and night and the surgeon has also visited and checked on me daily. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who may be considering any sort of weight loss surgery they have been amazing.
Albina RrahmaniAlbina Rrahmani
13:53 20 Nov 23
The experience here was amazing from the admissions to the discharge. Omer and Serkan have been a great help and always available to help no matter the time. The nurses will take great care of you and you will have daily visits from the doctor itself.10/10
Marija ForresterMarija Forrester
16:16 19 Oct 23
Amazing experience, the staff were excellent especially my coordinator Serkan that was with me every step of the way. Omer was originally the person I was in contact with and he was on the phone with me 24/7 helping with any questions I had.The surgeon was also the best in his field, checked on me every day multiple times. Can't express my gratitude on how amazing everything was and how professional everything is in this hospital.Huge thanks to Selen as well, the pretty nutritionist that spent hours patiently explaining everything.
06:27 23 Sep 23
My experience was amazing and professional and they were very nice and helpful and made me feel safe especially because I was young and Sema, Serkan and selen were the sweetest. The nurses were very diligent too I’m so happy I chose heal wide .😍

Healwide Clinic Konumu

Klinik, İstanbul’un Üsküdar ilçesinde bulunmaktadır ve aşağıdaki adreste hizmet vermektedir:

Adres: Kısıklı, Reşatbey Sk. No:23, 34692 Üsküdar/İstanbul

Klinik, şehir merkezine yakın ve ulaşımı kolay bir konumda yer alır. Detaylı yol tarifi için klinik ile iletişim kurabilirsiniz.

Tedavi Fiyatları

Allurion Yutulabilen Mide Balonu: Fiyat Sor
Mide Bypass: Fiyat Sor
Mini Gastrik Bypass: Fiyat Sor
Tüp Mide: Fiyat Sor
Yutulabilir Mide Balonu: Fiyat Sor


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Otel Transferi
Tercüme Hizmetleri

Tercüman Hizmeti


Tedavi Hizmetleri

Duodenal Switch
Genel Cerrahi
Mide Balonu
Mide Botoksu
Mide Bypass
Mini Mide Bypass
Obezite Cerrahi
Tüp Mide Ameliyatı
Yutulabilir Mide Balonu


Claudia Patricia Giraldo Rivero
4 ay önce
Espero que este equipo siga siendo así siempre es muy cordial y muy muy atento desde el aeropuerto con su traslado
Hasta los más profesionales y su traductora Dennis es muy amable y cariñosa
Se siente uno protegido como en casa !!!

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€5.000 - €7.000
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