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Sule Hair Transplant

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DHI Saç Ekimi: Fiyat Sor
Erkek Tipi Kellik Tedavisi: Fiyat Sor
FUE Saç Ekimi: Fiyat Sor
Kadın Tipi Saç Dökülmesi Tedavisi: Fiyat Sor
Kaş Ekimi: Fiyat Sor
Sakal Ekimi: Fiyat Sor
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Hazel D.
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Sule Hair Transplant Hakkında

Sule Hair Transplant, 2016 yılında Saç Uzmanı Sule Karatas Olmez tarafından İstanbul, Türkiye’de kurulmuştur. Saç dökülmesi ve saçın seyrelmesi gibi sorunlarla mücadele eden kişilere çözüm sunmayı hedeflemektedir. Başlangıçtan beri, kaliteli hizmet ve hasta memnuniyetine odaklanarak, saç nakli alanında üst düzey bir kurum olma yolunda ilerlemektedir.

Sule Hair Transplant Tedaviler

Sule Hair Transplant Kliniği, saç ekimi ve saç tedavileri konusunda uzmanlaşmıştır. Güncel teknoloji ve yenilikçi yöntemler kullanarak, her hastanın ihtiyacına uygun çözümler sunmaktadır. Saç ekimi, saç tasarımı, saç PRP tedavisi gibi çeşitli hizmetler sunmaktadır.

Sule Hair Transplant Hizmetler

Klinik, 60’tan fazla uzmandan oluşan geniş bir ekibe sahiptir. Uzman personel, hastaların her adımda güvenli ve rahat hissetmelerini sağlamak için titizlikle çalışmaktadır. Ayrıca, hastalara özel VIP transfer hizmeti ve acil servis odası gibi ek imkanlar sunarak, hasta memnuniyetini en üst düzeyde tutmaktadır. Hastalar, klinikte konforlu bir ortamda tedavi olma imkanına sahiptir.

Sule Hair Transplant Fiyatları

Sule Hair Transplant’ın sunduğu hizmetlerin fiyatları, tedavi sürecinin karmaşıklığına ve hastanın ihtiyaçlarına bağlı olarak değişmektedir. Fiyatlandırma konusunda detaylı bilgi almak için kliniğe başvurulabilir veya web sitesinden bilgi edinilebilir.

Sule Hair Transplant Yorumları

Klinik hakkında yapılan yorumları incelemek için, web sitesi üzerinden hasta görüşlerine ve memnuniyet derecelerine ulaşılabilir. Bu yorumlar, kliniğin başarısını ve hasta memnuniyetini yansıtmaktadır.

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07:19 29 Mar 24
As you know getting a hair transplant is no easy decision especially on the other side of the world. But I can rest assure you that sule clinic are experts at what they do. They made me comfortable and informed from the very first day to the last. The work is exceptional, facilities and resources are excellent and most of all the team is very well oiled. Qudos to Hafiz, Osman, Mustafa and Mrs sule. Well done, thank you for looking after me.
Jitender SinghJitender Singh
08:19 28 Mar 24
The professionalism at its best. The hospitality I received was like a family member. They performed each and every procedure in a professional manner . The best clinic I have ever visited.Sule hair and clinic 5 star 🌟 100%satisfaction.
Vladimír DžudžaVladimír Džudža
16:42 26 Mar 24
Very nice and professional staff. I highly recommend.
Relu PopRelu Pop
14:42 26 Mar 24
My experience at the Sule clinic was as expected, I went on the recommendation of a friend.Staff very attentive and with common sense, professionals through excellence.I chose sedation, so that I wouldn't have pain during the intervention, it took something like time, 10 hours, but for 5000 grafts I think it's justified, I didn't feel pain or discomfort.I will come back with a review in a few months, at the moment I am satisfied and I strongly recommend the Sule Hair clinic.Thanks for everything!
douglas barbosadouglas barbosa
08:17 20 Mar 24
I have no words to say how glad I’m with this clinic and mostly with the staff, we felt so embraced,cared and pompered by them.Every step guaranteed us the most safe support.No pain at all, they provide the most comfortable method.I really recommend for all people that wants to increase their self esteem.We found there patients that come from all around world , and definitely worths!!!You will have a pleasure to meet Mrs. Sule , Mr.Aycut, Osman, Hafiz, Zehra and Sara, including some great professionals and Doctors.
Mohammad SiddiqueMohammad Siddique
07:58 18 Mar 24
Komang SamunalemKomang Samunalem
05:49 16 Mar 24
Satisfying service, starting from pick-up, hotel and service at the clinic, all recommended 👍👍👍
Muhammad Ben MiladMuhammad Ben Milad
07:48 14 Mar 24
If you experience any hair loss or looking for a guaranteed solution to get your hair transplant done correctly and say goodbye to the baldness forever Sule clinic is the right place for you. They are so professional since day one to the end. I highly recommend it.
Gaurav SharmaGaurav Sharma
10:01 12 Mar 24
Nicole LegerNicole Leger
17:01 11 Mar 24
I had a hair transplant at Sule clinic along with teeth whitening almost a month ago now. They were very easy and thorough when communicating and made the experience as comfortable as possible. I was a bit nervous traveling alone as a female but they were very prompt with pick up from the airport and to the hotel and then the clinic the next morning. The provider was great and went over all of medical history and concerns prior to the operation and answered all questions and concerns I had. The only area I would say that was bothersome would be during the procedure itself. I opted for pain relief and sedation and was given sedation before the procedure, towards the last hour or two I started waking up and experiencing pain and was fully alert. When ever I said paid they just gave me more local anesthia instead of anything for sedation or pain. I ended up getting sick afterwards but then continued, they were very kind, comforting and knowledgeable during that time and I couldn’t have been more pleased how they handled it. The communication was great and the humanity and kindness during such a delicate procedure was handled with such professionalism and empathy. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will go back for any future needs.Nicole
Milan MalčekMilan Malček
16:39 10 Mar 24
Everything is perfectly organized at the clinic, the driver will take you from the hotel to the clinic and back, the reception, staff and equipment are at a high level. They will explain everything to you even if you don't speak English very well, they always try to help with a translator. They will make you coffee, tea, offer you water.
Damien McMillanDamien McMillan
16:45 09 Mar 24
Sule hair and clinic was everything and more. They were very helpful from the very beginning from collecting me from airport to being very helpful and understanding with my needs during transplant. The clinic is very clean and professional and the staff are really friendly. I would highly recommend Sule Hair and clinic the service is A*
Special GuestSpecial Guest
11:59 09 Mar 24
1. Planning and communication about Germany:The communication in advance in German was perfect via WhatsApp and emails. You get all the information you need and no question remains unanswered. After the decision, it went awayThe deposit and the reservation process from Germany are also smooth and unproblematic.2. Organization on site:You will be picked up by a professional, polite and very friendly driver.On the first evening you will be informed when you will be picked up the next morning. Which was also very punctual and reliable.3rd day of the operation: you are welcomed very politely and nicely, then the first ECG/blood checks, advice, photos, hair analysis, payment and a new haircut begin.Then you go to the operating room where you are treated and operated on by 3 to 4 hard-working young ladies.Very very very important, please always have the operation carried out with sedation, that is so important (no pain and the time of 8-9 hours goes by very quickly).If possible, have your beard hair removed to protect your head more. The healing of the neck is very quick and takes a maximum of 3 days.4. After surgery:Really 0.00 pain!!The only annoying thing is sleeping, first night when it comes up slept 2 hours due to banishment.3-4 hours of sleep on the 2nd day and 6-7 hours on the 3rd day (important no matter how annoying it is, always sleep with a neck pillow and ideally keep your upper body at 45 degrees)On the next day of the operation you will be picked up straight after breakfast, checked and the plasters will come off, which will make you feel better and more comfortable.On the 1st and 2nd day after the operation, the slight swelling occurs. Always cool and take the tablets.At 3. After a day the swelling is barely noticeable.Day 3 is the first wash and off we go home.As I said, all the time without pain or bleeding.5. The Hotel Windsor:Clean 5 star business hotel, the staff could be a bit friendlier and I find the prices in the hotel restaurant very exaggerated.The location is also very bad for taking a tour or if you want to see Istanbul.6. Language skills:You really don't need to worry because the clinic has enough interpreters for every nationality who speak the language perfectly.People who have lived abroad, the German interpreters, speak better German than many foreigners in Germany.7. General:The advertising in Times Square is of course the highlight.I hope that the advertising will also appear in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Düsseldorf next time.A small contact point in Germany would be recommended, perhaps to offer initial advice on site and to give customers more security and a better sense of well-being (increases customer acquisition).8.Result:Since I just had the operation, I can't say anything about the result or healing process yet.
Jagdeep LittJagdeep Litt
10:29 09 Mar 24
This beat our expectations. The level of service we got with Sule hair clinic was 5 star coming from Toronto Canada
d ad a
15:49 02 Mar 24
Everything was perfect
euan craigeuan craig
11:35 02 Mar 24
Travelling to a different country for a procedure like this can be a daunting experience. After being recommended this clinic through several friends I decided to make contact with them via Instagram. From my initial consultation via WhatsApp to the booking procedure I was kept up to date from what was going to happen. Everything was taken care of in regards to being chauffeur driven from the clinic to the hotel each day. The clinic where the procedure was undertaken was highly professional, clean and most importantly friendly. My procedure went as well as I could have hoped for, with minimal pain and small comfort breaks in between. I am now absolutely delighted with the results, with the only regret of not doing it sooner. I’ve been given a full aftercare treatment plan and cannot wait for the full results in the months to come. Would highly recommend Sule Clinic to anyone who wants to make that change they’ve always been thinking contemplating.
Hafedh KhaldiHafedh Khaldi
11:19 02 Mar 24
Best service, top satisfaction, thank you Fatma
adrian greereadrian greere
11:16 02 Mar 24
I was very satisfied 🙏👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Halil KilincHalil Kilinc
17:18 29 Feb 24
I had PRP done and sent my friend, we were very pleased with the service we received, thank you very much 👍🏻🙏🙏
Payam ShiraziPayam Shirazi
04:04 18 Feb 24
I am immensely grateful to the entire staff at Sule Clinic for their exceptional professionalism and care. Clinic is fully staffed with qualified and well-trained crew. Choosing them was undoubtedly the right decision, and my satisfaction knows no bounds. Traveling twelve hours from California was entirely worthwhile for the level of service I received.
Ritchy FoldsRitchy Folds
13:14 29 Jan 24
From the moment the trip is organised to the hair transplant surgery, was such a fantastic and professional process. I was looked after the whole time. I’m back home in England after 1 week of surgery and they’re still in contact to see how I’m doing. If anyone is looking to get it done 100% use Sule. If it helps ask them for my number I’m happy to talk about it and show results.Thanks again to you and your teamAlso big shout out to Hafiz. Thanks for looking after me and the thousands of questions.Ritchy Folds
Alexei DAlexei D
16:23 28 Jan 24
This clinic was recommended to me by a friend who had very good results a few years ago. I had ask for a quote and then I made a reservation for January 2024. I was a little nervous since it was my first time traveling abroad for an intervention but everything went quite smoothly - I was taken from the airport directly to the clinic for pre-operation tests where everything was explained to me by the staff before the intervention which was scheduled for the next day. They answered all my concerns and give me all needed details and medical help. The driver took me from the hotel to the clinic and back for the next 2 days following the intervention for bandages removal and for the first washing of the area and on the last day I was taken to the airport for my flight back home. Once home the clinic team continued to advise me and to give me support via WhatsApp/mailOverall it was a very good experience and although it takes some time to recover following the intervention, I don’t regret the decision made regarding the hair transplant itself and also choosing Sule Hair Clinic. I will come with an update once the new hair will start showing 😃
Stefan MartinStefan Martin
05:58 26 Dec 23
I came from romania 🇷🇴 to sule clinic a few days ago. I got hair transplant done. They arranged everything from the very beginning at airport and they also gaved me accommodation 5 star hotel. I really found them amazing and happy with the results at the moment. I will keep continuing to make updates for my results. I recommend this clinic to everyone for every body who has hair problems.
Declan McVeighDeclan McVeigh
17:35 22 Dec 23
Well looked after from the moment i landed with 1st class travel to the hotel and to/from clinic, details about plan of action each day were prompt and punctual. Treated like royalty throughout process and post op wash. Hotel could also not have been any better, recommend this clinic to everyone wanting to make a change. Consultants also check in 3/6/12 months post op to ask how things are going. Here is 5 photos, 4 of my result, and 1 pre-op

Sule Hair Transplant Neden Seçilmeli?

Sule Hair Transplant, yüksek kaliteli hizmetleri, deneyimli ve uzman kadrosu ile dikkat çekmektedir. Hastalarına bireysel ve kişiselleştirilmiş tedavi imkanı sunmakta ve her hasta için en uygun çözümü bulmayı hedeflemektedir. Hasta güvenliği ve memnuniyeti, kliniğin öncelikli amacıdır.

Sule Hair Transplant Konumu

Klinik, Yeşilpınar, Çay Sk. No: 2, İstanbul, 34034 adresinde bulunmaktadır. İstanbul’un merkezi bir konumunda yer aldığından, hastalar kolayca ulaşabilir ve tedavi süreçlerini konforlu bir şekilde geçirebilirler.


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mick oconnor
2 ay önce
I knew friends that went to Şule so I booked in all I needed to do was book my flight and Şule team done everything else amazing service from start to finish and after care always on phone to answer questions I would highly recommend to anyone wantin... Daha Fazla Göster
Thibaud TURGE
2 ay önce
Merci à Hayriye pour son professionnalisme, sa disponibilité et sa réactivité lors du devis, avant mon départ pour Istanbul et après mon retour en France.
Merci également pour son investissement et son accompagnement, ainsi que sa soeur, tout au long... Daha Fazla Göster
Alberto Ștefan
2 ay önce
Salut! Sunt Stefan, vreau sa vă împărtășesc experiența mea la această Clinică.
In 2019 am avut cea mai proastă experiență din viața mea la clinica Aslitarcan din Istambul, ei efectiv mi’au distrus zona donatoare si mi’au implantat toate grefele gresi... Daha Fazla Göster
Mr East
2 ay önce
Hatte am Montag meine HT bei Sule. Ich muss sagen, das es die richtige Entscheidung war mich hier behandeln zu lassen. Ihr Team ist sehr professionel und vom Fach. Jeder kümmert sich um dich und sind sehr hilfsbereit. Auch die Fahrer, die einem vom H... Daha Fazla Göster
Stuart Scott
2 ay önce
Traveled from Ireland to Istanbul to have my hair implant, when I arrived I was greeted and taken to my driver who drove me to my hotel, apart from my driver not speaking English there was no problems with transfer.
next morning I travelled to the cl... Daha Fazla Göster

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